New door’s unlocked with boundless opportunity.

Today my beautiful little boy graduated from primary school. Everyone clapped and cheered as he clumsy collected it’s certificate and shook hands with principles, teachers even football legends. He was so incredibly nervous he ended up dropping his certificate on the ground. After much scrambling to pick it up, he left the stage.

It was such an honour to be there to watch him take this massive step to complete the first main part of his education and move forward with his head held high. All his mates also got their certificates and my hands got so sore from clapping for everyone.

Such an amazing day. Such an amazing event. Teachers were all congratulated on a job well done and everyone was served with cake.

I can’t wait for my son to start high school. He is such a trooper and I honestly believe, no matter what, he’ll do a fantastic job.

Watch this space … A door has closed but a bigger and better one has just opened. Amazing things are about to begin.

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