Can we work it out?

When does love die?

How does it get to the point where every tiny detail of the one you love make you irritable or sad?

When did you start looking around you with discomfort or dispair everytime you walked into your home?

When did it become everyone else’s fault?

Look at the one you love.

Are they tired? Are they sick? Are they happy? Are they sad? Is this the same person you fell in love with?

Remember that moment your eyes met and you knew you were going to be together and happy forever.

Remember the conversations that used to go on for hours without boredom.

Ask questions using the same voice you did when you first met.

Clean up and help around the house (yes, even if you have been working all day).

Enjoy time with your family like you planned to when you were younger.

Don’t look for what’s wrong with everything around you, look for what’s right!

When your yelling, belittling … Hitting … The one you love, stop!

This was not what you envisioned when you met your love and I’m pretty sure it’s not what they envisioned either.

Learn to love yourself and your environment that you both made together.

Love the one you love without judgement or pretense or expectation.

Perfection is unattainable, but when two people love each other the right way, I can tell you, your pretty damn close.

If you are getting bullied by your love, there is so much help out there for you. There are strategies that can help you leave the place that’s become hate. And there are strategies that can help fix the place that’s become hate.

The person you chose to be with is not a parent but your partner. Don’t become a parent to your partner, because, believe me, they will become spoilt brats. And the person you love could end up being the cause of your death.

Find love in yourself. Pride in yourself. Trust in yourself.

And if you are the one bullying, the one with with the high expectations that are just never met to your satisfaction. Take a good long look in the mirror and utilise the strategies above. Because once you realise that you are the one making your love unhappy it may be to late to fix it.

Love is a journey two people share with respect, trust and complete faith.

If you don’t have these things … Maybe what you thought was love is gone.

Don’t settle for unhappy. Strive for greatness in everything. Once everything is great, life’s rollercoaster will become the adventure it should be, not an endless loop of unknowns, bitterness and loss.

You were not put on this earth to become a punching bag for someone else, don’t be.

And if your the one punching, stop!

4 thoughts on “Can we work it out?”

  1. Very true this was more aimed at people who forget and develop narcesistic characteristics that end up endangering the other person’s self worth. Growing together is magic, communication and understanding is essential. Sometimes one out weighs the other and everything becomes imbalanced. That’s what this is more aimed at.


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