Next stop … You!

In order to move forward with your life you must understand that everything you do is a step forward.

Every step you take will either take you back to a time you may not like or not want to remember, or a step forward to bigger and more prosperous times.

My meaning from these statements is that even though you feel like your stagnant or going backwards, try to look around at the reality of the situations. Those backward steps are new lessons to learn or memories you can finally be ready to let go of.

Hence, the moving forward initiative. Roadblocks are designed to go around or plough straight through. Your life is a journey you can write. Write for yourself and your future. Envision happiness and prosperity, good health and contentment.

Memories are in their place for a reason. If you want to remember, remember. If you want to forget, remember you want to forget. If you want to move forward, keep walking.

Your challenges lay ahead of you. Look for them and be ready. Look for them and know that one day these challenges will become a memory and you will still be moving forward.

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