Reflection …

Christmas is long gone and we are all well into the new year. And, naturally a song keeps playing over and over in my mind. Do you see what I see?

Playing in my mind it’s encouraged my thought process to the question. Do you see what I see? Well of course the answer is yes. We all see the same things. From the Sun, the Sky, the Earth, the Sea to your Phone, your Bed, or your Home. Everyone looks at the same thing. But my question wasn’t do you see what I look at? Or do you see the things I see? My question is more aimed at ‘Do you see the same way I see?’ Then the answer becomes no.

The sun, do you see warmth, love, light and comfort? Greatfullness that the sun has been able to poke through the clouds to say hello. Thankful you wake to see it everyday. Appreciation that all the people you love are waking up to the sun and promise of a great day. That’s what I see.

The sky, bringing it’s air for all to breathe freely. Do you see the sky bringing clouds on a hot day for shade and comfort. Allowing rain to fall and soak the earth and help it grow. Gives you the opportunity to see other parts of the world without moving a step. Looking up and playing with children to see what shapes they see, magic. That’s what I see.

The earth we live on. Do see the Gravity that keeps us grounded and stable. Trees and plants that grow from the largest living organisms we know able to produce air and food for all of its inhabitants. Grass, sand, dirt, snow we walk on to move from place to place in our daily lives. Buildings and houses, where we live and work have stability from the sturdiness and strength from the earth below our feet. That’s what I see.

The sea, large and mysterious. Do you ee A whole different organism that is still being discovered and researched. Sealife travelling or remaining completely still in their own mysterious way of life. Passages for boats and ships to travel from land to land. A beautiful roughness yet peacefulness produced at the same time all over the world. That’s what I see.

Your phone. Do you see A simple yet complex device to helps people stay connected all over the world. Knowledge and understanding at your fingertips that allows children and adults the opportunity to grow and live everyday. A small comfort to everyone to prove they are not alone in dark times. A power owned by you to be able to put it down and have some alone time when you need it is always in your own hands. That’s what I see.

A bed. Greatfullness I have one every night. A warmth to give you comfort in the dark and stillness of night. The opportunity to rise from it everyday ready and waiting for your next challenge. Tucking children in tightly so they feel constant cuddles all night to take them off to dream land. A chance to dream futures of brightness, appreciate the reality of where you are in your life right now and to remember the past whether happy or sad. Remembering is good, it keeps us grounded. That’s what I see.

A home. Yours, your families, your loved ones. A shelter from heat or cold. A comfort of being surrounded by the things you like. Fresh water to wash and clean and drink. Foood stocks to chosen by you, safe and ready to consume as life brings you from one day to the next. And greatfullness you have a home to come to everyday, unfortunately not everyone is so lucky. That’s what I see.

Do you see what I see?

What do you see?

9 thoughts on “Reflection …”

  1. I enjoyed the use of the question, “Do you see what I see?”
    There is so much of God’s creation to see. I am seeing the rising sun on another day, and I feel blessed to participate as a small part of this world. I wonder what else I will see as the day continues.

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  2. I love it! What a great reminder to be grateful for what we have and how far humans have come with technology. Sometimes it’s annoying that people expect me to always have (and answer) my phone, but it does make life easier.

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