To be or not to be …

I’m not often one to be guided by psychics but this week I read one. It said look for an open opportunity and take it, it will scare you but if you can be brave enough to take it, it will lead you to a happier, prosperous life.

Yea, ok sure. I’ll just keep my feelers open just in case. Then it happened … Wednesday I had a doctor’s appointment with some great news. News I wasn’t expecting and completely not ready for. I was nervous and apprehensive and yes, I was scared. This news told me I was ready to go back to work.

I don’t believe I’ve shared the fact I hurt my back about 5 months ago at work. I also don’t think I’ve shared the fact I have been slowly re-entering the work force with a host employer. This position was unpaid and organised by work cover, who has been assisting me finacially since the actual accident that caused the injury. The host employer is amazing and I’ve really enjoyed learning some completely new work skills involved with office work and online teaching, in comparison to disability and elderly community support.

I was stuck … I had massive decisions to make and needed to do what’s best for me and my future. The injury I sustained, I was told, would impact the rest of my life and by returning to my previous position as a support worker, which loved BTW, I risked further and more perminate injury. This office position accommodated me and my recovery from my injury. It was just perfect for my future. I had to make a decision, and fast. My future lay in my hands and I jumped.

I asked the host employer if they would take me on as a paid employee. I was honestly scared. Putting myself out there and asking this question was against every fibre of my being. My anxiety was skyrocketing out of control. I remembered this random reading and how it said to take an opportunity that arises, be brave go for it.

My new potential employers all seemed super keen to put me on their books and I’ve just had a meeting that seemed quite positive and it looks like I may have a new job. I have written this while anxiously awaiting confirmation to start on Monday. Fingers and toes crossed. Hopefully I’ll have some good news in the comments abit later.

… To be 😘

Massive update, for all my lovely readers … My first week of work ended in a great win on a scratchie. Acknowledge and appreciation for whoever is sending me good karma, prayers and good wishes. Right back at cha. 😘

10 thoughts on “To be or not to be …”

  1. Thank you for coming to my blog. I do appreciate it. I don’t know anything yet about your story but I can tell you – unless you take risks and believe in yourself you will reach a point later in life where you will ask yourself, “What if?” We know of only one life that we live with many unanswered questions, but you should love this life with all the passion you have. I have 2 blogs plus other websites that promote what I do. I’m not young in body, but that has nothing to do with my mind. Squeeze every bit of life out that you can. I have medical issues. More than one person should have. I DO NOT let that be a reason to not do the things that are important to me. Shove it aside and plow ahead! Much success to you. Sonni –

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  2. I love that you were willing to be bold and put yourself out there. Hearing stories of how things work out differently, but better than expected are always the best. I am trying to be open to new opportunities. Like most people, I tend to put my blinders on to everything but what I think I should be doing. Thanks for sharing.

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