Thought of the day …

When you hang out or even talk or text with someone think, is this person giving you sunshine. Allow yourself distance from people who are not. So much easier than you think. If some one is always down, or complaining that is their head space … not yours. Try redirecting their attitude to be more positive by you sharing a positive thought or action. That way your sharing your sunshine as well.

Sharing your sunshine is just as important as the person sharing theirs with you.

Smile. Laugh. Enjoy the blessing that is life.


15 thoughts on “Thought of the day …”

      1. Even the smallest things can make all the difference. A few weeks ago I discovered an ant venturing up my arm. I went to flick it off me but OT stood up on its back legs and started waving at me (of course it wasn’t waving but it was cute) I decided to put him outside where he belongs. Moral of the story – every the smallest things can make you smile.

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