One word, two interpretations.

I read another quote today, they seem quite popular at the moment. Positive quotes fill my social media with new and exciting ideas, or thoughts of appreciation, and encouraging new beginnings. Though negative quotes also remind us of our failures and the wants we can’t have.

Each quote, I’ve noticed, is true only to the interpretation of the reader. Something positive or uplifting may be quoted yet people could read it in a negative light or vice versa.

Individual interpretation is the key to this type communication. The way people envision a word or phrase is their own journeys response to the message intended by the quote in question. Also, something read in a bright and meaningful fashion could be a trigger to some people. Something in someone’s past could potentially be making the message, intended to be wonderful, sad or unbearable to the reader.

A lot of people have made resolutions this past new year. Some want to read more, some want to lose weight. Some want to spend more time with family and friends in contrast to those wanting more alone time. Some, I’ve noticed, want to rid themselves of negative people, thoughts or possessions and the impact these things have on their lives.

All very realistic and attainable but most unfortunately most won’t come to fruition. All good intentions are often met with bitter disappointment. Although saying, or intending to succeed with these goals, the goals themselves are new resolutions because they are challenging and, just, out of reach.

Hence, the meaning and interpretation of these never ending quotes. Surround yourself with people and quotes that make you feel worthy and whole. Allow the meaning of your life to be just that, the meaning of your life.

Taking negative quotes or potential future failures to heart is only going to make You one of the negative people you want to avoid. Once this realisation comes to you all your resolutions will be attainable. Be kind to yourself. You have 12 whole months to achieve your goals, it doesn’t have to be over night or just January. Keep your personal quotes in your own heart and mind and persevere to find the You that You want.

Sometimes looking in the mirror will help you realise these goals are attainable or already in your life.


10 thoughts on “One word, two interpretations.”

  1. You have a large number off followers so you’ll think my reaction is odd, but you don’t know how much it is for a 14 year old blogger to earn another follower (45 followers!) So thank you so much ❣

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  2. I like your style of writing. You give us a lot to ponder. Specifically, I like the messages to be kind to ourselves, follow our own sense of timing, and surround ourselves with people who make us feel worthy and whole. I’ve never heard anyone say it quite like that. Very cool and very wise. It rings true for me. Thank your for your message.

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