A little Christmas message to all …

I do love Christmas time and the prospect of a new year. It is always filled with so much love and compassion for all other humans. The idea of gifting either presents or presence to the people you love, or even strangers, is truly a positive testament to the purpose of the Christmas spirit.

It brings me so much joy to see children believing in the beauty of Santa Claus and the traditions of trees and lights and glorious banquets of food eaten by families who sometimes only get together once a year. Also, for the adults who unknowingly become Santa Claus as they grow to respect Christmas in a more mature manner.

Sometimes the sadness it brings remembering loved ones who are no longer with us is overbearing. Yet, as you are surrounded by people you love it just makes it a bit easier to remember them with love.

If people are on your own, I hope they find their way through the day with self love and appreciation for being by yourself and treat yourself to some Christmas joy. Find something to be thankful for yourself and maybe reach out to neighbours or friends to share some food or a drink, or two 😜.

To those fighting with loved ones or friends, use this time to forgive and forget. Find peace in yourself with forgiveness and learn that sometimes to better yourself and your resolve you need to forgive those who aren’t sorry. Allow yourself to move forward in a positive way and let go of unnecessary or added weight from your shoulders and your heart.

Christmas is about forgiveness, thankfulness and giving to others, or even yourself. Possessions, toys and gifts are such a small part of such a big day. The gift of the Bible and it’s teachings are adopted from all over the world in different ways. Each way is positive and inclusive and essentially teach all humans to be kind to one another. Regardless of the way people read the messages of the Bible the impact of the fables from the past always to spread joy and love to everyone.

Whether you have a little or alot remember the message and share love and respect worldwide on this day in the ways you know you can. I wish people could remember this message all through the year and not just on the 25th of December. Practice makes perfect.

I truly want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and happy new year. List your resolutions and stick to them. Make them realistic and worthy. Bring yourself joy, love and happiness. Bring your loved ones joy, love and happiness. Bring strangers joy, love and happiness.


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