The Great Escape.

Greatness and happiness come to me as I make the great marcH.

Opening new worlds of opportunity and love as I arrive at my new chateaU.

Once there, I pause (with doubt?) but my confidence quickly restoreS.

Delayed only by the uncertainty of my future, also the rusted doorknoB.

Betrayed bitterly by the inviting, inevitably restrictive arenA.

Yet I enter, immediately I’m trapped by a ring, frozeN.

Eventually wishing EVERYTHING could just enD.

Leaving behind my belongings, my family, my lifE.

One day at a time, baby steps, to build my new unknowN.

Very scared of everything unpremeditateD.

Eager, now, to grow, learn, love without pressure, abuse and husbandS

(A poem of my entrapment and eventual escape, by me, enjoy)

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