What’s your level of expectation?

Unreasonably high, or level with what you willingly give in return or less to avoid disappointment.

Expectations, should be high.

Expectations, should be low.

High expectations means disappointment.

Low expectations mean no disappointment (or does it?)

Why should I lower my expectations?

To meet with the disappointing reality of the world

Why should I keep my expectations high?

Because I deserve to!

To have expectations of love, respect, communication and support is not much to ask for.

I would give the same … in return? (Or without?)

Without question … just saying’

What is your level of expectation?

Are you constantly disappointed?

Is it your fault for wanting to much? (no)

Expectations are the root of most depressive and anxiety related mental health issues.

The question is … should we lower our level of expectation to accommodate everyone else?

Expectations of love, respect, communication and support are not much to ask for ….

What do you think?

6 thoughts on “What’s your level of expectation?”

  1. Expectations are always there, but I somehow have managed to expect only from myself and not from the people, in addition to this, I must say, low expectations brings less disappointment.

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