A little ‘Me’ update…

The thing about blogging, I’ve now discovered after a month or so, is that it is difficult to write about the topics I’ve chosen to. I understood it would be difficult but wanted to press on to help all the people in my position, to recognise signs and behaviours that are domestic violence. I realise that most of my posts are quite depressive and I’m very much ‘playing the victim’, but the fact remains that, I was.

I am trying everyday to remain positive in my outlook of life and the new freedoms that now come with it. I am always hopeful for change and that is why I’ve chosen to write. The understanding of partnership, love, respect and communication are so important to any relationship, whether intimate/family/friends and sometimes strangers, needs to always be apparent and obvious in your characteristics.

Focusing on yourself and your well being will bounce off you like an unseen energy that promotes happiness and contentment. By recognising negative and selfish actions made to you from others will allow you to start eliminating the people or activities that bring you down and sap away your self worth.

I, personally, am going to continue as best I can with my blogs and spread the message that not all domestic violence victims show their bruises (most are hidden or made out to be nothing and worst of all mental and emotional.). What I also aim for is that if you can read my posts and think ‘OMG, I’m doing that to my loved ones’ you can learn to stop (preferably without losing your self worth or power) and understand you don’t need to demean and hurt someone to feel worthy or get what you want.

Partnership is an amazing gift. When two people love each other so much to commit solely to one another is truly beautiful.

I hope you continue to like and comment on my blog. I’ve had some wonderful comments so far and I am going to continue with my blog. Communication is so important, please also share with friends and family and if you or anyone you know relate to any of my posts, start you own conversation. Even my closest friends told me for many years what my situation was and I wouldn’t believe them, please be patient. Most of the victims blame themselves.

I am doing well, it’s hard and confronting but manageable. You can do this.

Any questions or comments please don’t hesitate to pass them forward.

(The picture is of some magpies that like to visit me in my new home. A mumma and her baby, just like me. Enjoy)

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