Once again I’m going to write about triggers. As I mentioned in earlier blog posts, if I see a trigger I will write about it. To help share the message of acknowledgement and moving forward without that particular trigger affecting your life.

So, today was an amazing full on day! And I noticed many triggers, but not from me. Someone I love dearly has realised that triggers had been affecting her life. So severely in fact it had damaged her personal mental health, she was diagnosed with compassion anxiety. She is an empath and is always so willing to help others, asking nothing in return. Her selflessness is an amazing and positive detriment to her strength of character. She, unfortunately, was getting constant panic attacks from her actions. By putting aside her own issues with any particular trigger (walking on the beach at night, helping someone through a sexual assault ordeal or even helping me through my anxiety and depression) she was actually feeding these triggers back into her life and not acknowledging and moving forward from them. Triggers like these constantly reminded her (what she truly believed was her responsibility) that she had nice broad shoulders and how much weight they should be carrying for others, disregarding her own needs. This was constant and relentless, she put to much pressure on herself to Please everyone, but herself (surely if everyone else in my life was happy, then I would be happy too).

No, I realised! As she spoke to me about the weight on her shoulders and how she was, now, dealing with this new affirmation in her life. How she can now see these triggers, acknowledge them and try to move on for herself and people she loves with the help of this new diagnosis.

How many times have you done something for the sake of someone else?

The trigger I saw today was an entire mental health issue. Not commonly acknowledged, but very real. You can be too giving and you can try too hard to carry the weight of the world on shoulders, but why? Simply answered, is the belief that if your surroundings are safe and happy and well, then, so are you.

Not true, sometimes taking some time for yourself and putting yourself first is exactly what you should be doing. By putting positive vibes out of your own being you will attract positive vibes right back (the same goes for negative vibes). I’m not saying that either is right or wrong, and no one could possibly be happy (or sad) all the time, but finding that balance is definitely something to work towards.

So essentially, my realisation of a trigger today taught me to not to take on everyone else’s drama and try and focus on my own mental health. Also, to be aware that I could be pushing my own mental health issues on someone who simply just can’t help me.

I acknowledge this trigger as a giver and receiver. To allow myself to be more aware of this trigger and not allow it to overwhelm me or anyone else I love, I will learn to say NO, and not take a “no” from someone else as a lack of empathy, but an act of pure honesty and self preservation. I will not allow myself to be involved in situations that I truly don’t want to be in, and work hard to not allow me, as a person, to bully or convince others to do things that I want them to do and they don’t want to.

What do you think?

Drop a comment to spread the message of givers and receivers and the affects it can have on you and those you love (even strangers).

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