Break out of your box.

As a female, growing up was awkward. You were designed to walk and talk and follow the leader. While our wonderful parents encouraged us to be ourselves and show the world we are magic, they to became severely dissapointed when we weren’t like everyone else.

Pretty bows and ballerina shoes were thrust upon us because that’s what little girls are supposed to wear. Dressing in blue is, just simply, deplorable. If it wasn’t pink, just keep walking. A little girl just doesn’t play football on the weekends. Super and spice and all things nice, etc, etc, etc. And please, don’t get me started on princesses or Barbie dolls (there are no happy endings without hard work and compromise, and if you had the body of Barbie … you simple wouldn’t be able to eat).

Thank the stars above, times are changed. Please don’t be angry or resentful towards your parents as, they to were following the flow of acceptable social behavior. Baring in mind, some parents just didn’t care at all (unfortunately, the parent ladder has alot of different rungs on it)

As a teenager, girls start to realise these abnormal/normal social behaviors. One girl is getting her ears pierced, the next girl has a boyfriend, the next got detention. Oh, how cool! This socially accepted behavior is looked down upon by our elders, as they still aspire for bows, dancing and violin lessons. But to your peers, if you weren’t doing these things … your simply not cool.

All throughout high school you see girls trying to keep up with every one else or come up with a new trend to become cool and accepted. And frankly, this new age of social media being the social norm is frightening (Pls note: I was in high school in the late 90’s).

What I do see now though, is expressionistic individuals saying no to social norms. Be an individual, discover your passions and follow your dreams. Some people want to build buildings, some want to design them, some want to ensure its completely safe and others just want to live there. None of these people are doing anything wrong, they are just following their dreams.

Let’s design a new generation of doers not followers, communicate with intelligence and individualism, and not to be in the same picture as the cool kids. Oh, I’m not saying don’t be cool, but what I am saying is the only person you need to impress is yourself.

Turn off your devices (TV, computer, tablet, phone) and go outside.

What is the weather like today?

What can I do for myself today?

What can I do for others?

How can we make the future brighter and more acceptable for everyone?

We may not have all the answers yet, but there is always hope …

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