Goodbye friends.

Isn’t it amazing how you could love someone so much and do absolutely anything for them, but, when you need something, or your down and out they disappear? Well, that happens all the time, relationships/friendships strong and firm turn to dust. The point is how do we move on?

Sometimes we need to learn to say NO to people that expect things. Being a YES person is wonderful, always reliable and ready for action. But when it becomes normal and people stop realising your genuinely going out of your way to help, everything becomes very one sided. It is very hard to say no, when you know someone needs you, but sometimes nessesary. All the tricks in the book will be thrown at you so you do what they want, but stand firm. Sometimes, just sometimes, you find out who your real friends are.

Sometimes you need to cut ties with them. People who drain your energy with/or without knowing it. I have, admittedly, been guilty of both. Nobody is perfect and if the friendship or relationship is worth it, life will balance itself out. Life always manages to, and you learn to live on without them.

Sometimes you continue life with or without their help, and continue your friendship just the way it is. Credit to you, this is hard. Constantly being let down and forgiving the guilty party is truly a testament of greatness to your character. Always remember down time though, when your energy does run out you will need help from people.

These are very loosely laid out answers and by reading it through you will see that there is no right or wrong answer. You just need to choose which one you think you will help you most.

Or come up with different scenarios in the comments. Would love to start a conversation about this.

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